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Thoughts of Thanksgiving…My Most Favorite Meal of the Year!

Thanksgiving is just two and a half weeks away and I’ve ordered my turkey from Whole Foods…a 14-16 pound free range bird.  I’ve had some trouble digesting turkey since my diagnosis and have avoided it for the past six months or so.  This weekend I successfully enjoyed a turkey breast sandwich (as a calculated “dry run”) so it’s going to be roast turkey on Turkey Day!

This year’s tentative (and butterless) Gastroparesis-friendly Thanksgiving Menu:

No Fat Lobster Bisque served in demitasse cups

Maple Glazed Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breast with Wild Mushroom, Roasted Pear and Herbes de Provence Bread Stuffing.

Fat-free Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Gravy (doctored from a jar this year…who knows about next year)

Cranberry Sauce (ditto)

Crustless Pumpkin Pie with Gingersnaps and Fat-free Whipped Cream

I’ve tried to focus on what can be included versus what I can no longer have.  This is my first GP-friendly Thanksgiving so I’m trying to keep things simple.  Because I haven’t made any of these recipes yet I’m unable to share them but will take careful notes and post complete recipes as soon as I’m able for Gastroparesis-friendly recipes for Christmas as well as a few GP-friendly leftovers.  What I am certain about is the time the Big Meal will be served…nice and early so there is ample time for a post-prandial digestive stroll between dinner and dessert.

Realistically, I know this Thanksgiving will be different from the rest.  I know I will spend the day alternating between mourning my old life and resenting the new one.  I remind myself on a regular basis that there are certain situations in life where we simply do not have a choice in the matter…things are as they are and although I may not have control over what’s happened to me I am in complete control over how I choose to view my present situation.  This Thanksgiving I will be thankful for the ability to enjoy certain solids again, to be able to exercise (had paralysis in one foot during this megaflare making it difficult to walk) and for a peaceful mind (after an unpleasant experience with Reglan).  Most importantly, I’m thankful for a loving husband and his constant care and support throughout this journey.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, recipes and cooking questions for a Gastroparesis-friendly Thanksgiving.  I’d love to hear them all!  Eat well!  Be well! Enjoy! GOBBLE!  GOBBLE!


Lobster & Strawberry Shortcake

Sunday was a good day.  We are fortunate to live in New England where lobster is inexpensive ($4.99 per pound for chicks) and widely available.  Big lobsters are far more impressive to look at but for a sweet, tender treat chicks (1-1 1/4 pounds) are the choice of most chefs.  A chick lobster yields approximately 3 1/2 ounces of meat…that’s about 20 grams of protein!  The local fish shop will also steam them to order as long as you call ahead.  No muss! No fuss!  I’m a lobster purist so I have no recipe to share today.  We ate our lobster with the utensils God gave us.  I served them with mashed potatoes mixed with equal parts skim milk and fat free half and half then dusted with a pinch of truffle salt to make them a little extra special…they were sharing the stage with lobster after all.    As for GP friendly I would rank lobster just a little more difficult than chicken breast or white fish.  Chew thoroughly!

The shells are in the freezer with plans of being transformed into a low fat GP friendly lobster bisque at Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned!

Such a special meal deserved a special ending so after cleaning up I persuaded Hubby to go out for a store-bought angel food cake and a GP friendly strawberry shortcake was born.

Easy Strawberry Shortcake

Makes 1 serving but can be multiplied as many times as desired

1 slice angel food cake

1 scoop strawberry sorbet (softened)

Fat free Reddi wip

Preheat broiler.  Spray a sheet pan or piece of foil.  Toast angel food cake on both sides.  Serve with a scoop of softened strawberry sorbet and garnish with Reddi whip