A Gastroparesis “Vacation”

That is the first time I’ve typed the word “Gastroparesis” let alone said it in about a week. I didn’t blog about it, think about it, tweet about it or talk about it because I treated myself to a “Gastroparesis Vacation”. Friday was my birthday (no, I won’t tell you which one as a lady never discusses her age!) and because I’ve been feeling a little saturated recently my birthday gift to myself was a gastroparesis-free week…a vacation of sorts.

Can I tell you it was ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, GLORIOUSLY FREEING and exactly what I needed! Now, anyone who even follows occasionally knows that I most certainly don’t live in denial about my life with gastroparesis. My “vacation” still included all the gastroparesis-friendly meals, exercise and “self-care” that I practice daily (and just so you know I wasn’t symptom-free during my “vacation”)-I just acted as if they were (are) a normal part of day to day life…because they are!

What my “Gastroparesis Vacation” did was take all the power away from my gastroparesis! For an entire week I refused to let it occupy the center of my Universe. I refused to allow it to define who I am. I refused to allow it to make me feel limited. I wasn’t stubbornly pretending that I was normal by eating and doing things that would make me sick and miserable nor was I lying to myself in any way. I chose to live my new normal as my normal…because it is my normal! I highly recommend this “vacation destination” as another stop along the gastroparesis journey!

As always Eat Well! Be Well! Enjoy!

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3 responses to “A Gastroparesis “Vacation”

  1. I think I need to try doing this. Thanks for sharing, Mary

  2. I highly recommend it! Thanks for the “like”…its my first!

  3. An excellent vacation!!! I do try to do this in my every day life, but it’s good to really enjoy it once in a while!!