Simple, Yet Sophisticated, Single Ingredient Sorbets

What if I told you that two cool, creamy and easy fruit sorbets were just a blend away?  That’s two sorbets with no peeling, pitting or poaching required? And the best part: no ice cream maker necessary! It’s true! Simple, yet sophisticated Pear & Peach Sorbet is that easy! All you need is canned fruit halves in heavy syrup, a freezer and a food processor or sturdy blender. Fruit packed in heavy syrup is what makes this recipe work as sugar syrup doesn’t freeze completely like juice. Avoid fruit packed in juice as it will yield disappointing results.

These sorbets are nice enough to serve as is or garnish with some very finely diced candied ginger, homemade or store bought berry syrup or diced canned pears or peaches for a little flavor alliteration. No matter how you scoop or serve  them these sorbets are keepers. And by the way, I’m happily eating candied ginger again. There was a time that even those fibers bothered me. It’s so nice to have a useful old friend back in my life.

Pear & Peach Sorbet

For best flavor allow sorbet to soften for approximately 5 minutes before serving

2 15-16 ounce cans pear or peach halves in heavy syrup

Freeze unopened cans of fruit for a minimum of 8 hours. Dip unopened cans in hot water for 20 seconds to loosen filling. Pour contents into the bowl of a food processor (I used my Vitamix) tearing at the filling with a fork to break up the pieces of fruit. Puree until smooth. Transfer sorbet to a covered container and refreeze. When ready to serve, remove from the freezer and let soften for approximately 5 minutes.


7 responses to “Simple, Yet Sophisticated, Single Ingredient Sorbets

  1. Sounds so great and unbelievable simple! I can’t wait to try it! There are always pears and peaches in my cupboard.

  2. Mmm, good idea! And I’m glad to hear you’re able to eat crystallized ginger again. The kind at Penzeys is young ginger, which doesn’t seem to have as many fibers.

  3. It is easy…just make sure the fruit is packed in heavy syrup or you’ll be disappointed. In my pre-GP life I spiked the pear sorbet with Poire William and served it with fresh raspberries and a few dark chocolate twigs!

  4. Thanks, good to know. You know I’m a big fan of Penzey’s!

  5. I was just very recently diagnosed with gastroparesis, so for the past few days I’ve been moping around, thinking my life had already ended at just 20 years old. Food is love, and this has ABSOLUTELY cheered me up. Thank you so much. Oh, and this looks totally yummy, by the way.

  6. Hi Tina, so sorry about your diagnosis. Welcome! Mary

  7. Wow, this looks FANTASTIC…can’t wait to try it!