Goin’ Green Plus My Video Debut…

Anyone with Gastroparesis is aware of how “carb-centic” and potentially sugar-fueled a GP-friendly life can be. Pair that with a diet devoid of whole grains and  light on fresh fruit and veggie vitamins and its enough to make you throw your hands up in frustration…at least that’s the way I feel sometimes. My weeks “on hiatus” have been a time of gently pressing my GP boundaries and finding ways of maximizing my nutrition in every bite while minimizing sugar and processed foods. Don’t worry I haven’t become a complete kill-joy! There are still treats and sweets after all nutritional needs are met. Life’s short! I still save room for dessert!

With the help of my Vitamix and inspiration from Victoria Boutenko’s book Green for Life (which I found completely by accident at the bookstore) I’ve been enjoying two Green Smoothies a day! Now before you tune out, it wasn’t until I read Victoria’s book and visited her website Raw Family that I realized I just might be able to tolerate an adapted* Green Smoothie. I was especially pleased to learn that a Green Smoothie, didn’t need to be thick or lumpy.  My Green Smoothies are actually quite thin-thinner than fruit nectar, V-8 vegetable juice or tomato juice. The website has a section of Victoria’s Green Smoothie recipes and a 15 Green Smoothies in 3 Minutes video with recipes. Some Green Smoothies are as simple as peaches, spinach and water.  In fact, I use the term “sipper” interchangeably with “smoothie” because I take one out during each of my snacks (mid-morning and mid-afternoon), insert a straw and simply sip until its gone.

Anyone who has been following the blog knows I’m a baby steps kinda gal who looks more than just a couple of times before she leaps. About a year ago, I started by juicing my fruits, roots and veggies. When Hubby surprised me with a Valentine’s Vitamix I started to puree a handful or two of greens with my juice and eventually graduated to a completely pureed Green Smoothie. Remember, no where is it written that you must jump into the deep end of the pool on your first day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dipping your big toe in before wading in gradually from the shallow end. I’m still a huge fan of juicing. Having said that the normal caveat applies. My Green Smoothie works for me. I am in no way advocating that this is appropriate for everyone with Gastroparesis. You know your tolerances best and your judgement is still your best guide.

I was so excited to share my Green Smoothie with you as well as a few of the little tricks I’ve learned along the way (like minimizing the very unappealing foam that can form on the top of Green Smoothies) I’ve made a video! So come on, let’s make a Green Smoothie!

*A Vitamix is capable of pureeing a concrete block but I’m still careful about what I include in my Green Smoothies. I avoid really fibrous items and learned my lesson when I threw in half of a peeled orange because I was too lazy to put it through the juicer.  I was nauseous for a day and a half  because of the citrus fiber. Lesson learned! Victoria’s recipes are only a guideline for me.


11 responses to “Goin’ Green Plus My Video Debut…

  1. Great demo! I’m definitely inspired to try one. And your long blonde hair is beautiful, by the way. 🙂

  2. Thanks Mollee! In Victoria’s book she says that people actually begin to crave their green smoothies after a while. I’m already there and look forward to mine each day. My hair used to be down to my waist-now I’m just happy it stopped falling out and started growing back in!

  3. What an inspiring and fantastic video!! Look forward to seeing more!

  4. Thanks…I’ll try to come up with a few more!

  5. Great job! Can I have your autograph?! 🙂

  6. Great job on your Video Mary…….I need to try a green smoothie. I just can’t afford the vitamix at this time……..any suggestions on a maybe cheaper blender?
    thanks for all the great recipes.

  7. Hi Debbie! I worked my way up to the green smoothie (having one now in fact!) but didn’t try one until I had the Vitamix. It really is far more powerful than an ordinary blender-hence the price tag. Since none of the fiber is removed I wanted everything to be pureed to oblivion. Juicers are more reasonably priced but all they do is juice (no pureeing) but they do remove most of the fiber. You may want to start there and work your way up to a green smoothie. Before the Vitamix I added baby spinach to my morning smoothie on occasion. The leaves are really tender and puree easily. Be Well! M

  8. Hi Mary, I’m sooo glad that you’re back in the blog business again 🙂 I was just diagnosed a couple of months ago with severe gastroparesis and have been loving your blog for ideas for great meals as my stomach is slowly settling down with the meds. Are you able to drink the smoothie without straining it now?

    Please keep the recipes coming. You have no idea how great a service you’re offering all of us. Of all the gastro blogs I’ve looked at, yours is the one I most appreciate and enjoy. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful recipes, ideas and creations with us! Sharon

  9. Welcome Sharon! Thank you-you’re very kind. Sorry about your diagnosis. I drink the green smoothie w/out straining…only because the Vitamix purees everything to oblivion and it’s cut with 2 cups of cold water between the 2 smoothies. The cubes of 5 berry puree are strained before I freeze them so the blackberry and raspberry seeds are removed (the one thing the Vitamix can’t pulverize!). After my “mistake” with the 1/2 orange I’m still very careful what I include in my green smoothie because although its very finely pureed the fiber is still there. On the other hand, when juicing I can include a lot more (like oranges) because the juicer automatically holds most of the fiber back. Be Well! M

  10. I have a Blendtec but still not able to do it. I have a juicer also and juiced a mix of carrots, wheat grass and one beet leaf last eve and the beet leaf got me. I’m sick today :(. But I’m hopeful I’ll get to the point where I can do a green smoothie 🙂

  11. Sorry to hear about your experience. Hope you recover quickly. Wow, one beet leaf! Good that you were conservative (and smart) and only did one leaf. I had a mishap with cantaloupe the other day…up 1/2 the night after just 1/2 cup very ripe chunks that I chewed thoroughly…but I was fine when I pureed it in with a smoothie? Go figure! This whole GP thing makes no sense sometimes. Take care of yourself. M