Hiatus Does Not Mean Good-bye…

Thank you for all your kind words and wishes!  It is impossible to turn off the creative process so I’m still cooking and taking notes.  “On Hiatus” does not mean good-bye…or that I’m magically cured.  It simply means I’m taking some time for myself and enjoying life…something I was unable to do last spring and summer.  I’m looking forward to a few exciting adventure like kayaking with Hubby or taking our 100-plus pound Bullmastiff Zelda for a few good romps on the beach as well as more mundane pursuits like being able to spread bark mulch and mow my own lawn.  I sincerely hope you’re all able to do similar things in your own lives.

My Twitter account is still active and you can follow “GastroandGastro” (Mary K) whenever you’d like or stop in periodically to check the Twitter feed on the blog.  Stay tuned and subscribed as G&G will be back but until then…keep moving, keep hoping and keep taking on life one (GP-friendly) meal at a time.  Eat Well!  Be Well!  Enjoy!  Mary


2 responses to “Hiatus Does Not Mean Good-bye…

  1. Yay! 🙂

  2. Well said, Mary, and hope you enjoy all of those adventures, even the lawn-mulching!