My Apologies

My apologies to all my gluten-free readers.  You’ve heard the saying: “No good deed goes unpunished!” well, I thought I was being helpful mentioning that the Squash Herb Bread could be baked gluten-free.  It was, after all, published as a gluten-free recipe (only specifying “gluten-free” flour) which I baked with traditional white, all-purpose flour with good results.

Before mentioning that it was a gluten-free option I googled the recipe and found several gluten-free bloggers who had made it successfully and would happily make it again.  One GF blogger specified her gluten-free flour mix of choice was a British brand called Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain White Flour.  This flour mix consists of rice, potato, tapioca, maize (corn) and buckwheat.  Not being a gluten-free baker and being unfamiliar with all the gluten-free flour options available I stated that the bread could be baked with your favorite gluten-free flour.  Since posting the recipe, two GF readers have experienced disappointing results…not something I ever intended.

Lesson learned!  In the future I will refrain from offering suggestions regarding topics of which I have very little experience.  There will be no more gluten-free suggestions.  The post has been updated to remove any suggestion of GF options.  Thank you for you patience understanding.  As always, Eat Well!  Be Well!  Enjoy!  Mary


4 responses to “My Apologies

  1. You’re so sweet, but I’m not giving up yet. That’s the complicated thing about gf baking — you can’ t just substitute one flour in practically any recipe. I really was going to play with it this weekend, but the weekend just filled up and I didn’t get around to it. Hopefully tonight.

    I’m actually going to try breaking it up into little rolls instead of one big loaf, because it seemed like it was doing all right — the middle was just doughy and the outside was crunchy. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Also, just so you know, most of your recipes are gluten-free by nature. 🙂

  3. Obviously, the different types of flour make a difference in texture and whether the recipe even works…maybe it would rise quicker and cook faster as an individual loaf @ 400 degrees? I baked @ 375. I plan on adding some roasted garlic to the squash/pumpkin mix my next go around because I plan on making it regularly. Thanks for working on the GF version…the bread really is tasty hot from the oven and toasted later on.

  4. Thank you! I’m not giving up either, lol. It was still plenty tasty, just had the same problem as CinderellasPear…it was kind of doughy in the middle.