The GPers Have Spoken!

UPDATE: Check out my “Guest Blogger” appearance with my fellow Gastroparesis-friendly blogger friend Mollee at My Broken Stomach!

Just a quick post to share the Poll results with everyone. I didn’t forget!   Thank you to those who participated it was greatly appreciated and enlightening.  Here are the results:

50% of the votes and the overwhelming winner: “Getting more fruits and veggies”

17% of the votes were garnered by each of  the remaining choices: “High protein”, “Soups, Purees and liquids” and “Other”-specifically low sugar/diabetic recipes.

I shall try to accommodate each of the categories as each garnered a significant response.  As for recipes for diabetics, I have started to include the Carbohydrate Count with the Nutritional Information at the end of each recipe.  If there is anything else that would make it easier for diabetics please let me know.

Since there is such an interest in fruits and veggies, what fruits and veggies has everyone been enjoying or would be interested in seeing as a few recipes?  I must remind you that I cannot eat carrots, parsnips or apples.

Thanks again to those who participated.  As always…Eat Well!  Be Well!  Enjoy!


6 responses to “The GPers Have Spoken!

  1. Well, right now I eat spinach, lol. I just bought some baby food so I’m going to try those, but almost any kind of veggie ideas would be welcome! I LOVED your asparagus soup and am hoping to be brave enough to try it soon, lol. (I am NOT a cook, at all, ever, lol)

  2. Hi Donna! I eat a lot of spinach…figured it I posted another recipe with spinach there would be a revolt! Take your time with new veggies…I certainly do. If you want to simplify the asparagus soup recipe you could substitute frozen cut spears for the fresh-they won’t take as long to cook (already blanched before frozen) and just puree the whole thing if you’re worried about the tips. My fine mesh sieve gives me a little extra confidence…just $24 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Enjoy and Take care of yourself.

  3. Shari Larsen

    I’d love to see more potato recipes, especially in soups.
    The only veggies I am eating right now are carrots and potatoes; I’ve been afraid to try any other ones. For fruits, I eat bananas and peeled apples, or canned pears.

  4. Hi Shari! Potatoes I can do and soup is always comforting…let me see what I can come up with. Be Well! Mary

  5. I want to get in more colorful veggies. Dark green leafy vegetables, especially, and squashes and sweet potato such.

    Not a fan of starchy veggies without much nutrients, like potato.

  6. Hi Emily! I’m a big fan of greens (cooked spinach and juicing the rest) as well as squash and sweet potato. The Dietitian I saw said it best: you can only give your body what it can tolerate so if that’s potato then potato it is.