The Hubster Loves Me!

Not that I was having my doubts…but then, the UPS man delivered a box to the front porch.  Let me tell you, I have no shame and when I spotted it from the driveway did a very undignified OMG dance.  Grinning like an idiot I scooped up my prize and broke my legs to get us both into the house.

Hubby’s Valentine’s gift to me was a shiny, new Vitamix 5300 in what else…Valentine red!  Now, I may have mentioned once or twice that the other GP blogger girls each have a Vitamix and they believe it has been a valuable tool for their GP-friendly lifestyle…but this was all Hubby’s doing.  Some may feel a blender for Valentine’s Day isn’t the most romantic gift but for this GP-friendly recipe blogger girl it was a testament to true love!  I look forward to creating all sorts of nutritious treats in my new Vitamix and as usual my good fortune is yours… as I will promptly share them all.

Yes, Valentine’s Day conjures up visions of candy, roses and candle lit dinners but romance isn’t limited to the stereotypical…sometimes an appliance is the perfect way to say “I Love You”.

Eat Well!  Be Well!  Enjoy!


4 responses to “The Hubster Loves Me!

  1. Yay!!! Happy Valentines Day!! How very exciting!!

  2. Happy Valentine’s to you too…more (veggie) soup for us!

  3. Welcome to the Vitamix club, Mary! Go Hubster!

  4. He’s definitely a keeper!