Please Take a Moment…

So far I’ve been developing and posting Gastroparesis-friendly recipes that appeal to me.  Please take a moment to answer this one question poll to let me know what GP-friendly recipes would be of interest to you.  Thanks, Mary

p.s. It’s completely anonymous so you have nothing to lose!


2 responses to “Please Take a Moment…

  1. Getting more fruits and veggies is my big thing right now. Actually mostly just trying to get in veggies somehow. Fruits are a little easier for some reason. I’ve been buying some boxed pureed/creamy soups from Imagine which have veggies, and that’s my biggest source, lol.

  2. I’ve looked at the boxed soups at Whole Foods…Imagine and Pacific and I’m allergic to at least one ingredient in each. Need to start making more pureed veggie soups. Thanks for participating in the poll.