Tasty Find! Eats,Treats and Tummy Tamers

Not everything I enjoy is homemade.  I have plenty of store-bought favorite eats, treats and tummy tamers so I thought I’d take a moment to mention some of them…


It’s no secret I’m a very cautious eater but I do eat out on occasion and on evenings that I absolutely, positively do not want to cook there are two places where I trust I’ll get a “safe” meal.  I’m currently trying to expand my dining out horizons so if anyone wants to share their safe meals and go-to restaurants please do!

IHOP I can most certainly make pancakes and scrambled eggs myself but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do the cooking and clean up.  A stack of buttermilk pancakes and two scrambled eggs are a safe and simple dinner out.  I ask for the butter to be left off and sometimes (to the horror and embarrassment of Hubby) bring my own real maple or berry syrup for the pancakes.  I take the extra pancakes home for later.

Ted’s Montana Grill For a cozy, more up-scale dining experience we head to Ted’s for dinner.  My “safe” meal is one of the same meals I ordered before my GP diagnosis-Beer Can Chicken with a baked sweet potato (available after 4:00 pm) with the cinnamon butter on the side.  Once the skin is removed the chicken is still moist and tasty.  The baked sweet potato is tender and delicious and barely needs a small dollop of the cinnamon butter. I ask for an extra plate and use the room to cut up my chicken away from the pool of sauce at the bottom of the soup plate they serve it in.  I give my roasted asparagus spears to Hubby and ask for a take out box for the rest of the chicken and half sweet potato.  This is not how the meal is written on the menu.  I don’t ask I just specifically order it this way.  Ted’s has locations in Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Virgina, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


When I was trying to maintain my weight I started to snack mindlessly between meals and snacks…exactly what they tell you not to do when trying to lose weight.  Now that I’ve gained five pounds I need to be a little more mindful of my treats.  Remember treats and sweets are for after your nutritional needs are met.  These are a few of my favorites…

Trader Joe’s Low Fat Cat Cookies for People are available in ginger and chocolatey flavor.  They are modestly sized, crunchy, not overly sweet and are reasonably priced at approximately $2.49 per 16 ounce tub…oh, and very tasty too.

15 Ginger Cats: 120 calories, 2 grams fat, <1 gram fiber, 2 grams protein

15 Chocolatey Cats: 110 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 1 gram fiber, 2 grams protein.

Kedem Tea Biscuits are made in Israel and available in the Jewish section of the market.  They are crisp, delicate, rectangular tea biscuits available in vanilla, orange, chocolate and plain flavor.  Each sleeve is approximately 79 cents and sometime 3 sleeves for a dollar during the Jewish holidays.  I enjoy them plain or as little sandwiches filled with seedless blackberry, strawberry or raspberry jam..and sometimes add a little almond or peanut butter.

2 biscuits: 32 calories, 1 gram fat, 0.2 grams fiber, 0.5 grams protein

Double Rainbow and Hagen Daz Chocolate Sorbet are both a refreshing change when I’m dairy-ed out at the end of the day.  The Double Rainbow sorbet (available at Trader Joe’s) has a fudgey flavor and is more reasonably priced than the Hagen Daz sorbet.  However, the Hagen Daz chocolate sorbet has a much richer dark chocolate flavor.  If you’re looking for a non-dairy chocolate fix both are up to the task.

1/2 cup of sorbet: 120 calories, 1 gram fat, 2 grams fiber, 2 grams protein

DelMonte Fruit Chillers are tubes and cups of fruit sorbet available in the canned fruit section of the market.  Each tube or cup is portioned and convenient and doesn’t need to be stored in the freezer until you’re ready for a frozen treat.  Each box is made with 1 pound of fruit and comes in flavors like strawberry snowstorm and grape berry blizzard.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are downright addictive!  So be warned.  Measure out a small handful and step away from the bag!  Four calories per bean may sound harmless and 100 calories for 25 jelly beans seems modest but then 25 beans turn into 100 and so on and so on….until you’ve plowed through an entire bag.  Guilty as charged!

Min Pretzels and Baked Lay’s Potato Crisps hit the salty spot.  I find sometimes a small handful of mini pretzels or a few crisps is all it takes.


SoBe Lifewater…specifically the Yumberry Pomegranate flavor.  I generally take the claims on vitamin water bottles with a grain of salt but in this case the ginger and dandelion root extracts really have a way of soothing my tummy.  Even my non-GP Hubby sipped one during his last tummy bug and came to the same conclusion.  This is a calorie free beverage so if you’re trying to gain or maintain be aware that it may be soothing but filling you up without filling you out.

GIN-GINS Double Strength Ginger Hard Candies from the Ginger People are my favorite tummy tamer.  So much so, that I finally broke down and ordered a five pound box directly from them.  They are made with real ginger, sweet and spicy and naturally stimulating (as proclaimed on the package!).  I pop one in my mouth right after lunch and dinner to help kick-start the digesting process or when I get that wave of nausea we’re all so familiar with.

Those are all the eats, treats and tummy tamers I can think of at the moment.  Please feel free to share any of your favorites.  Eat Well! Be Well! Enjoy!


16 responses to “Tasty Find! Eats,Treats and Tummy Tamers

  1. This post makes me so happy! You’re an angel for sharing all this! YAY!!!

    P.S. – I’m going out for sushi for my 20th birthday tomorrow! I find that despite the rawness, the fish is soft, so as long as I chew it well it doesn’t bother me.

  2. Oooh sushi…I’ve been thinking a lot about sushi. Thanks for the tip. Have a very Happy Birthday!

  3. Ummm, well, my safe place is Outback Steakhouse. They have a great gluten free menu, which is a good start. Since learning about my GP, I’ve been ordering an appetizer of shrimp and a baked potato. That’s just about the perfect meal for me. My friends don’t even give me a choice anymore…we always go there for any celebrations, lol.

  4. Hey Mary..
    I am still on the hunt for the Gin Gin hard candies……….I’ll be looking at my Whole Foods store hopefully sometime next week.

  5. Thanks for the tip Donna! When Hubby and I take the dog down to the beach (in much nicer weather than this!) I rely on our two fav. little seafood places for broiled fish or scallops (no crumbs/no butter) and a baked potato.

  6. They may have them at any of the little independent health/natural food stores in your area. You could give them a call before driving over so you don’t waste any time. Before I ordered the giganto box I was buying mine at Whole Foods.

  7. I did! I’m not sure if it will work for all GPers or on all days. I can handle fat well but absolutely cannot handle much fiber, so sushi is great because the “seaweed” they wrap it in is actually easy-to-digest dried algae sheets! I can’t handle seaweed salad because that’s real seaweed. Generally things like salmon are safe for my stomach, and I personally can have fattier fish like salmon (even “fatty salmon”!) because since they’re raw, they have no added oil from cooking. I also like grilled eel, but that’s pretty fatty, just with little or no added fat.

    The trick is to drink a lot of water and hot tea during the meal and to come on an empty stomach (i.e. mostly drink liquids that day – I had a Muscle Milk Light and a boiled egg about two or three hours before dinner.)

    The best thing about sushi is that it comes in tiny portions. Getting rolls will reduce the amount of meat and thus fat, but they’re more filling because of the rice. Nigiri/sashimi sometimes sit in my stomach but don’t make me bloat or feel nauseated while they’re in there. I get several courses of a couple kinds of sushi at once and go with others so there’s someone to finish things that are too filling for me.

    Tempura isn’t so good, obviously, but I’ve found that a lot of things I can’t normally eat when cooked (because of the added fat) end up being fine when raw. Raw meat does sit in the stomach longer and might aggravate heartburn or irritated parts of the stomach lining. But fish has much less connective tissue than, say, beef does. Some sushi has the consistency of cold butter.

    Lastly, remember that meat shrinks when it cooks, so if you order raw fish you’re getting what looks like a lot of meat but isn’t that much. 🙂

    Those of us with GERD, as well, who are on acid reducers are more vulnerable to foodborne pathogens (our stomachs don’t kill them), so just make sure the place has good reviews and that the fish isn’t discolored or “fishy” smelling.

    That’s all I’ve got! Hope you end up finding a few more foods you can handle!

  8. Great idea, Donna! Thanks!

  9. I completely agree with you about planning your day around dinner out and find drinking throughout meals helps me too. We should always be mindful of food borne illness as our stomachs don’t empty properly (with or without acid reducers) and all those “nasties” will just sit in there longer. Great advice…now I have sushi to look forward to! Thanks Emily.

  10. Sushi is one of my safe dinners out, too. I just had some yesterday! I usually get a salmon roll or tuna roll, and recently I added a sweet potato roll. Even though it was done tempura style, it didn’t bother me, and it was delicious!

    I’m also a sucker for Jelly Belly jelly beans. My favorite pack is the Sunkist Citrus Mix — I love the lemon, orange and lime flavors, and they’re actually infused with Vitamin C!

    For my tummy tamer, I buy crystallized ginger from Penzeys Spices and chew up a few chunks when I feel nauseated.

    Thanks for all the tips! I’m excited to try that chocolate sorbet!

  11. Mollee! Hi!

    I forgot to add that I like to eat the pickled ginger with my sushi. It doesn’t seem to bother my stomach even though it’s a veggie, and it settles the queasiness that comes with large-ish meals. 🙂

  12. Thanks Emily and Mollee…I’ve been wondering about the pickled ginger (I’m allergic to wasabi…shocking I know!) so the pickled ginger is my favorite part. I’ve recently added poached salmon and avocado back into my diet with success and have been pining for some sushi.

  13. Oh, I’ve been ignoring the pickled ginger, but that’s good to know. I’ll try it!

  14. It will depend on the person, but I can actually handle picked ginger much better than lettuce or one slice of tomato, as long as I chew it well. I hope you find you can eat it!

    MK, about the wasabi, you probably know this, but you’ll need to ask for no wasabi on your (non-roll?) sushi, because most sushi chefs use wasabi to stick the cut of meat to the slab of rice before they wrap it with the pressed algae (“seaweed”) strip. Just a tip to be safe, if you feel like your stomach can handle a 2″x3″ piece of raw salmon or somesuch. Again, I’m sure you know this, but I don’t want you getting sick from a little smear of wasabi you can’t see.

  15. Thanks for the advice! I’ve had food allergies going on a decade now and have become adept at asking questions and ordering very specifically…picture Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally (just not the deli scene please!). You really have to hone your investigative skills when it involves eating. Take care of yourself, Mary

  16. Okay! I thought so, but I just wanted to be sure you knew to check.

    When Harry Met Sally is my favorite film! I love it.