Still Juicin’ & A Healthful Hint

Just a quickie juicing update.  I’m still juicing my raw fruits and veggies once a day and promised periodic juicing updates.  This is prime citrus season so if you’re able to tolerate fresh juice, and especially acidic juices like citrus this is the time to add them to your juicing.  The local farm stand closed just before Thanksgiving so I’ve been buying my greens at Whole Foods…all organic and beautiful but about three times the price of local produce.  I find the more mature bunched spinach juices better than the baby greens and I’m still using kale, dandelion greens, parsley and beet greens (actually more nutritious than the roots!).  Beside being a blood builder and beneficial to digestion the beetroot gives my juice a nice sweetness and a beautiful ruby color.  Cranberries are still available and the pineapples (juice the core!) have even been on sale these past few weeks.  Half a navel orange (leave as much pith, core and navel as possible!) and a quarter of a Ruby Red grapefruit round out the fruit portion of the juice.  The red and pink varieties of grapefruit contain lycopene…a powerful antioxidant also found in cooked tomato products, papaya and watermelon. Antioxidants are believed to counter the damage that naturally occurs within our bodies during the process of living.  Caution: grapefruit can interfere with the metabolism of certain medications so if you have any concerns consult your doctor or pharmacist before enjoying grapefruit.

My Super Swamp Juice “Recipe”:

1 handful mature spinach

1 handful dandelion greens

2-3 beet greens with stems, depending on size

1 leaf of kale (depending on size)

2-3 sprig of parsley

1/4-1/2 beet root (depending on size)

1/8 pineapple with core

1/4 cup raw cranberries

1/2 navel orange with pith, core and navel

1/4 large ruby red grapefruit with pith and core

1 teaspoon Barlean’s Fresh Catch Orange Flavored Fish Oil

2 teaspoons FruitFast Mixed Berry Concentrate

This combination produces approximately 16 ounces of my “Super Swamp Juice” as I’ve nicknamed it.  I’m still adding a teaspoon of Barlean’s Fresh Catch Orange Fish Oil which adds 4.5 grams of healthy Omega fats and a teaspoon of FruitFast Mixed Berry Concentrate (caution: adds 2 grams of fiber) which is supposed to be the equivalent of one cup of berries. I’m looking forward to trying blood oranges and other forms of citrus.   As with all juicing go slowly in the beginning until you know how your body reacts to it and build your way up.  I avoid all of the cabbage family except for kale.

Healthful Hint!

Recently, I read that a half teaspoon of dried oregano has more antioxidants than a cup of spinach!  So, if you’re able to tolerate tomato products it couldn’t hurt to add some dried oregano.  Grind it with a pinch of salt in a spice grinder and add to low salt/no salt tomato sauce for an antioxidant boost to your Pita Pizzas or pasta dishes and since spinach is on the GP-friendly list why not just add some as well.  Oregano, spinach and tomato sauce…an antioxidant trifecta!


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