Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet….

Give me a GP-friendly Halloween treat!  Historically, I’ve purchased a personal bag of fun size chocolate candy bars as a little Halloween indulgence for myself each year.  This Halloween will be a little different but that doesn’t mean there will be no treats.  Peeps…the little sugared marshmallow treats become something extra special when toasted over an open flame…bruleed as I like to describe them.  The sugar coating gets crispy while the marshmallow inside goes all ooey-gooey.  Delicious!  Toasty ghosties, crackled jack-o-lanterns and frightfully fudgey cats make festive sweets.  By the way, bruleed stale Peeps…extra delicious!  Remember to use CAUTION as hot sugar burns like napalm!  Always allow your Bruleed Peeps to cool slightly before eating.  Whether toasted over the gas flame of the stove top or over the open flames of an outdoor fire pit Bruleed Peeps are goulishly tasty.

Bruleed Peeps

Peeps sugared marshmallow treats-ghosts, pumpkins and chocolate mousse flavored cats (new this year!)

toasting forks, long metal bbq skewers

Toast Peeps over an open flame until sugar coating melts and marshmallow interior melts.  Sugar coating will crisp while cooling.  Let cool slightly before eating.


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