A Few Words About The Recipes

I just wanted to take a minute to share my methodology for developing all of the Gastroparesis friendly recipes that I’ve posted so far and will continue to post. My motto is: “Nothing tastes as good as being well feels” so I follow a strict interpretation of the Gastroparesis Diet (low-fat/low fiber) and the list of GP friendly foods that I received during a visit with a Registered Dietitian who was knowledgeable in digestive disorders including Gastroparesis…an important point when searching for a RD.  Even the Nutella from the previous post fits into the low-fat/low fiber guidelines of the GP Diet.  My Gastroparesis is idopathic…I don’t have diabetes.  It is my goal as a trained chef and more importantly as a GP patient to create easy, tasty and healthy GP friendly recipes that can be seasoned up or down depending on individual needs.  Honestly, there are days it feels like I’m working with one hand tied behind my back!

Everyone is a unique individual and their GP is as unique as they are.  Only you know what you can safely tolerate.  I have eaten, tried or regularly use ALL of the recipes, suggestions and products that I write about.  I will NEVER post anything that has not agreed with me unless it is to say that it was a “failed experiment” and did not agree with me.  I ALWAYS “sleep on things” first before posting anything to be certain that they don’t cause me any digestive distress.  My list of food allergies is a long one and unfortunately some of them are on the GP friendly list.  They include (but are not limited to!) all soy products (except for soy sauce), carrots, apples, sesame (tahini as a form of fat), cashews (nut butter made with cashews), sunflower seeds (sunflower seed butter) crab meat, veal, mustard and any seasonings with celery seed just to name a few.   Because I am unable to test any recipes or suggestions using these foods I will never include them in my recipes.

Lastly, this blog is a fantastic form of therapy for me and it is helping expand my food horizons slowly and responsibly while being creative with the medium I love.  Thank you for all of your comments, visits and support-they mean a lot to me.  Please don’t be shy with any recipe ideas, suggestions or questions.  They are all welcome.  Eat Well!  Be Well!  Enjoy!


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