Comfort Food

I woke up with the first head cold in years.  I can’t smell or taste so the pumpkin recipe I have planned has got to wait…stuffy head usually equals a few “salt lick” meal fiascos.  What I really wanted was easy (GP friendly) comfort food.  I had never heard of Matzah Brei before I met my husband.  Sure, growing up we  bought a few marked down boxes of matzah “crackers” at the market once Passover concluded.  Matzah Brei is special despite being super simple.   It can best be described as a matzo omelet enjoyed savory or sweet or maybe bite-sized shards of french toast.  My father-in-law liked grape jelly on his, my husband prefers raspberry or strawberry jam and cinnamon sugar, some people like maple syrup or honey (more of a dairy-free french toast concept) and I like mine with ketchup…considered quite the abomination by the way!

Matzah is available year round in the Jewish or Ethnic section of the market.  It’s sturdier than regular crackers and comes salted or unsalted.  The following recipe is how my husband’s family prefers to make theirs.  They have also been known to add a few Ritz crackers to the mix but this is the only way I’ve ever had or made Matzah Brei.  The original recipe uses vegetable oil or chicken fat.  I’ve sprayed the pan with cooking spray so the matzot may not get as crispy as it would made the traditional way.  Remeber, this is comfort food and like most “homey” dishes it’s not beautiful to look at but I hope you’ll try it and enjoy.  I “stepped outside the box” and enjoyed mine with seedless raspberry jelly and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon sugar.

Matzah Brei

Serves 2-3 but can be multiplied or reduced according to need

3 sheets of matzah

2 large eggs, beaten in a bowl large enough to accommodate matzot pieces

onion powder (to taste-some sweet people still like the onion flavor with their jelly, jam, cinnamon sugar, honey or syrup)

salt and pepper (bland items, eggs and matzot, usually require generous salting)

Break the matzot into bite-sized pieces (about an inch square) over a sieve and catch any crumbs falling from underneath on a paper towel.  Place sieve under warm running water and moisten matzot pieces until they are tender but not soggy or disintegrated…about 15 Mississippis.  Shake out any excess water.  Transfer with reserved crumbs to a bowl with the beaten eggs and season with onion powder, salt and pepper.  Preheat a sprayed non stick 10-12″ saute pan over medium high heat.  Add egg and matzah mixture and stir constantly until eggs are scrambled.  Serve with jelly, seedless jam, cinnamon sugar, honey, maple syrup or (gasp!) ketchup.


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