Lunch…the Most Predictable Meal of the Day!

Or maybe it should be titled Breakfast..the Most Predictable  Meal of the Day!  Both are pretty much set in stone right now.  I have a Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie for breakfast everyday.  As far as I’m concerned not much can compete with 32 grams of protein, a serving of fruit, calcium and some vegetarian Omega 3s.  Plus it’s “calorically dense” enough to help maintain weight.

My lunch is almost as predictable…a glass of freshly juiced fruits and veggies with a teaspoon of orange flavored fish oil supplement, tuna or egg salad (each made with 1 tablespoon of Hellman’s olive oil mayo) on a white pita and 1 ounce of Lay’s baked potato chips.  I can’t explain it but there is something very soothing about baked potato chips.  I don’t know if it’s because they literally melt into nothing when eaten or if it’s the salt but either way they are easy to eat.  Pita bread is also a much easier alternative to gummy white sandwich bread.  This lunch is far from gourmet but it is easy to make, contains a decent amount of protein (approximately 10 grams for egg salad (made with 1 large egg)  and 17 grams for tuna salad (made with 1/2 can of water packed white tuna and a little fresh lemon juice), approximately 300 calories (not including juice or fish oil supplement), some healthy fat  and of course some fresh fruit and veggie vitamins.  Now that it’s getting colder a small cup of soup instead of juice might be a nice addition – especially to take out and about in a little thermos.  Besides the recipe for no puree Baby Food Sweet Potato Bisque (see 9/21/10 post) I’m working on a no puree Baby Food Green Pea Soup seasoned two ways.  Stay tuned!

This lunch also packs up easily into my stylish little “lunch box” that looks like a purse purchased at Homegoods for about $15.  It’s made by Fit & Fresh and comes with leakproof containers and lids as well as a removable ice pack that snaps into place.  I haven’t figured out how to keep my juice fresh for traveling so I usually substitute tomato juice.  We do have a Food Saver system that my mother-in-law purchased for us that supposedly takes the air out of canning jars preventing oxidation.  I will experiment with that and hopefully have a future post with the results.

A predicable day gives me the confidence to be a little more creative at dinnertime if I know I’ve gotten in some good nutrition and calories.  If anyone else has easy, healthy  lunch ideas they are welcome to share.


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