Juicing Update….

When I posted about juicing the first time I mentioned that I would revisit the topic as I tried and learned more.  The summer is officially over and so are the affordable and plentiful summer berries I was using.  The good news is that all the greens are fantastic this time of year.  I’ve always been a fan of going to the farm stand and eating with the seasons but each autumn (with GP or not) my fruit supply sort of dries up.  I’m allergic to apples but can eat pears and citrus isn’t truly in season until the holidays.

I’ve been using fresh pineapple…the core is an especially good source of bromelain which is good for digestion plus it brightens the flavor of the beet root and greens (parsley, dandelion, spinach, kale and beet greens).  I thought that fresh ginger might be a nice addition so I bought some and added a very small piece to the juicer.  At first the warm spiciness was pleasant but then as it became apparent how long things tend to sit in my stomach it wasn’t…in fact it became downright unpleasant.  So I have to report that the ginger was a failed experiment.

But not all is lost.  Ginger tends to go green, shriveled and furry in the refrigerator.  It’s always nice to have it in the house to make ginger tea, add to chicken broth or use in a recipe.  Just peel it; cut it into pieces about the size of your thumb and put it into a ziplock bag and into the freezer.  It will be ready to make tea, soup or any other recipe and you won’t have to worry about it being shriveled and green when you go to use it.  That’s where my hand of ginger is because it’s not going into the juicer again!

I’m working on adapting a recipe for chicken and squash stew…gluten and dairy free.  So stay tuned!


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