No Brown More White!

It seems so counter intuitive.  In order to feel well and digest my food it’s out with the brown (healthy whole grains with fiber) and in with the white.  I like to joke: salad=bad, poptarts=good.  I’m still uncomfortable with all the processed white food so I try to get my starch from bananas, baby food peas, mashed white and sweet potatoes with a few servings of white pita bread, pretzels, baked potato chips and assorted crackers.  I confess to indulging in the occasional low fat poptart (great for throwing in a carry-on when traveling) and pancakes are easy to order when out at a restaurant or when I don’t quite know what I want and its getting late.  This week I grabbed a box of low fat toaster waffles while marketing…easier than making pancakes for one and they inspired the following dinner.

Eggo Benedict

Serves 1 but can be easily multiplied

1 low fat frozen toaster waffle

1 triangle light Laughing Cow cheese (any flavor -I used Swiss)

cooked and drained chopped spinach

1 or 2 Poached eggs

Toast waffle and spread with Laughing Cow cheese.  Top with spinach and poached egg(s).


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