I HATE Overcooked Veggies!

There I said it!  When I was diagnosed and it really started to sink in how much life was going to change I never anticipated how much I’d miss beautiful, fresh produce…not goat cheese or bacon but fresh mixed berries or a beautiful plate of field lettuces with blanched french beans and heirloom tomatoes.  The handful of GP friendly (aka overcooked!) veggies and fruit is small to begin with…strained tomato sauce, beets, sweet and white potato, winter squash, spinach, mushrooms, carrots (allergic! subtract that one!) bananas, canned peaches and pears, apple sauce (allergic to that one too!) and then to cook  them to within and inch of their lives was just downright depressing.  I just figured that my weekly trips to the farm stand were a thing of the past.  Until I discovered juicing.  I was resistant in the beginning after hearing others complain about the clean up and the cost of all the fresh produce but the juicer doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to take apart and clean and shopping with the seasons is economical and fresh.  Juicing is the best thing I’ve done for myself. Once a day, usually at lunch time, I put out all the fresh fruits and veggies I’d like to eat but can’t.  The juicer does the rest of the work.

A few things to think about while juicing: Greens: spinach, kale, dandelion, parsley, lettuces, chard and beet greens taste “green”.  Root veggies are “earthy”.  Berries taste rich while pineapple and citrus are sharp.  Balancing out the “green” with fruit and “brightening” the whole with citrus or pineapple makes a more pleasing juice.  Because the juice is not pasteurized it should be consumed as soon as it’s made in order to get the most benefits from the vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Since I’m new to juicing I’ll post in parts as I learn more and as the seasons change.  A valuable resource has been http://www.whfoods.com.  As I add a fruit or veggie to my juicing I research it’s health benefits so it not only tastes good but is good for me.  Go easy with greens in the beginning until you become used to them.  I avoid the majority of the cabbage family except for kale.

Super Swamp Juice

Greens: lettuces, kale, chard, dandelion, parsley, beet greens, spinach, arugula

Veggies: beets, cucumbers, red bell pepper, green beans, tomatoes

Berries: cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries

Fruits: peaches, kiwi, pineapple, orange, watermelon, cantaloupe

1 teaspoon Barlean’s  Fresh Catch Fish Oil Orange flavor available at health food stores and at http://www.barleans.com (doesn’t taste fishy at all-just like orange juice concentrate)

Juice your choice of fruits and veggies according to your juicer’s instructions.  The juicing process should remove the majority of fiber while leaving the remaining benefits of the produce.  Strain juice further with a mesh strainer if any fiber is a problem.  Stir in fish oil and enjoy.


2 responses to “I HATE Overcooked Veggies!

  1. I’m so glad to know that juicing is ok! That opens doors to possibilities with drinks, seasoning food, and sauces! Now I just need to buy one!

  2. Hi Tessa! I have no problems with juiced fruits and veggies. Start out slowly until you know what you can tolerate. If any fiber is an issue you can strain the juice further. I bought a Jack LaLane juicer and its been working fine for me.